Saint Lucia Fire Service Established since 1974.

Fire Prevention


The fire prevention department began in the mid-1970s with a team of three officers.

They were, Mr. Greene, Mr. Duplesis and Mr. Mathurin. This team was formed mainly to assist the members of the public in Fire Safety education.

Today, the fire prevention department consists of 11 officers and have offices in both the north and the south of the island, at Fire Service Headquarters and Vieux Fort Fire Station respectively.

Fire Prevention’s main overview is the review and enforcement of Safety Standards as it relates to fire and life safety in new and existing commercial buildings, mass crowd event management, and evacuation procedures.

Several legislature, which includes the Fire Service Act, Industrial and Commercial Buildings (FIRE SAFETY) Act, # 14 of 1973 and the Labour Act (Amendment)  of St. Lucia # 6 of 2011 govern the department

The core function of fire prevention is guided by what is known as the Three E’s and the recently included “I”.

The Three E’s are:

  • 1. Education – members of the team offer free Fire and Life Safety Education
    public and private entities, which includes government offices, business places,
    school, various organizations and members of the public.

  •  Enforcement – Governed by the Labour Act of St. Lucia # 37 of 2006 Part 4
    Division 1 233-235, the officers enforce safety codes, using the National Fire
    Protection Association (NFPA) as guide.

  •  Engineering – Before the erecting (including extending) of commercial
    structures, plans go to the department for review. 

In 2011, the Fire Investigation Unit of the Fire Prevention Department was
established with two officers. Since then, five Fire Prevention officers have been trained in Fire Investigation.

Building Fire Safety Appraisal

The purpose of Building Fire Safety Appraisals is to help identify any potential problems that are fire hazards. This way they can be corrected and people can be educated on how to identify them as well as how to respond.

As specified by the Labour Act of St. Lucia # 37 of 2006, every commercial building/property on the island must be issued a Fire Safety Certificate from the Fire Department. A Building Fire Safety Appraisal is the only way to attain this certificate.

Fire and Life Safety training for staff, as well as conducting an evacuation drill are also necessary for obtaining a Fire Safety Certificate.

Appraisals are also conducted on drawings for the erecting/extending of structures. As part of the appraisal, the site is visited, the drawings evaluated by officers, and recommendations for fire and life safety are made. 

Download Forms

Building Fire Safety Appraisal Application Form

Fire and Life Safety Education Request Form

Prerequisites For Fire Safety Inspections

Mass Crowd Events Safety Management Application Form

Prerequisites for Building Fire Safety Appraisals:

Proposed Buildings and Initial Inspections of Existing Buildings
  •  Completed Building Fire Safety Appraisal Application Form
  •  Two complete sets of drawings:
  1. Location plans (must be clearly defined and include landmarks where possible)
  2. Site plan
  3. Floor plans (with dimensions)
  4. Equipment layout plans
  5. Fire Alarm Plan
  6. Fire Equipment layout plan
  7. Elevation plans
  8. Section plans
  9. Details
  10. Plumbing plan
  11. Electrical plan
  12. H VAC plan (if necessary)

Ø  The stipulated fee (the fee payable is calculated by the square footage of the proposed area.)

Fire Safety Certification (for Liquor License or Re-inspection of Existing Buildings)


Ø  Completed Building Fire Safety Appraisal Application Form

Ø  Two sets of drawings:

¨      Location plans

¨      Floor plans (with dimensions)


Ø  The stipulated fee (the fee payable is calculated by the square footage of the area to be inspected.)

Fire and Life Safety Education

Public fire and life safety education may be defined as comprehensive community fire and injury prevention programs designed to eliminate or mitigate situations that endanger lives, health, property, or the environment.

The Fire Prevention Department welcomes requests from the public, including the business sector and special interest groups who wish to benefit from life safety education. The presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of a diverse audience with special emphasis on fire safety. All requests are to be made to the St. Lucia Fire Department on the prescribed Fire and Life Safety Request Form.

*Participation certificates are available at $10.00 per certificate.*

Mass Crowd Event Management

In Saint Lucia Mass Crowd Events are defined by any gathering that is expected to attract two hundred [200] persons or more. However, any gathering that is expected to attract fifty [50] persons or more is required to submit an application to the St. Lucia Fire Service for Safety Management Advice.

Events that are expected to attract two hundred [200] persons or more may require Emergency Medical Services and Fire Safety standby at the site. The risks involved, the number of persons expected and the location of the activity help determine whether the Fire Service will provide onsite personnel or standby at the nearest fire station.

A site plan of the event location, which includes the square footage of the area to be used, must be submitted with the application form. This allows officers to calculate the occupant load for the site. In addition, an emergency plan for the site must be submitted to the Fire Service.

For further guidance on Mass Crowd Events Guidelines for Saint Lucia, please click the following link.

Fire Prevention (Northern Office)

Clerk: 1 (758) 455-6113

Officer i/c: 1 (758) 455-6106

Fax: 1 (758) 452-3064

Fire Prevention (Southern Office)

Front Desk: 1 (758) 455-6198

Officer i/c: 1 (758) 455-6197
Fax: 1 (758) 454-6982