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Fire Stations

Gros Islet Fire Station

This station is strategically situated to address the population growth and hotel industry boom in the north. It is situated on the highway near the Beausejour junction. This placement allows for a speedy response to emergencies in the north and improves service to citizens and visitors alike. This station responds to Degazon, Cap Estate, Choc round about


Location: Beausejour, Gros Islet

Control Room: 455-6190

Office i/c: 455-6191

Babonneau Fire Station


Location: La Croix, Babonneau, Castries

Control Room: 455-6188

Office i/c: 455-6138

George Charles Fire Hall

George Charles Fire Hall also known as G.F.L Charles Airport is a category five (5) airport strategically located in the islands capital. It is approximately six thousand two hundred (6200ft) in length and one hundred and fifty (150ft) feet in width. Due to it’s category, G.F.L Charles has the capacity to accommodate an aircraft of maximum overall length of up to ninety (90ft) e.g ATR-72. This station responds the airport


Location: George Charles Airport, Vigie, Castries

Control Room: 455-6109

Office i/c: 4556116

Fire Service Headquarters

The Fire Service Head Quarters is situated on Manoel Street, Castries central. It consists of the Fire Service Administration Block, Castries Fire Station, and Engineering North, Information Technology and Fire Prevention North sections. The administrative block houses the business and administrative operations of the fire department. Castries Fire Station responds to domestic fire and medical emergencies for Castries and its’ districts. Fire Prevention North is responsible for all fire prevention activities for the northern part of the island.

This area covers South of Choc roundabout, Anse La Raye, Top of Barre De L’isle

The Engineering North Section is responsible for the maintenance of all emergency vehicles and equipment within the fire service with primary responsibility for the Northern division.The information technology section is responsible for the telephony systems, data networks and information systems utilized by the fire department.


Location: Manoel Street, Castries

Control Room: 455-6100

Office i/c: 455-6103

Dennery Fire Station

This Station opened on 24th February 2003 is a major upgrade to previous station which has allowed for the safe housing of personnel and fire fighting vehicles and equipment. It added facilities to for training of fire personnel to improve skills. The new location at the entrance to Dennery Village is a great stages area which provides a good view of the village and allows quick response to the surrounding areas of Dennery. This area covers Top of Bare De L'isle (headed south), Praslin Bridge


Location: Dennery Highway, Dennery

Control Room: 455-6170

Office i/c: 455-6171


Operations began at the Micoud Fire Station on April 01, 2007. The station is located on the Micoud Hwy adjacent to the Micoud Police Station. It came into being with the mandate of providing emergency coverage from Praslin to Canelle, Vieux Fort. Before this breakthrough by the government of St. Lucia, individuals within this station ground were subject to a long wait for emergency services from the Vieux Fort Station which is about 35 minutes’ drive from the Micoud Fire Station.

Station Officer Evans was the first station commander overseeing the operations of three crews. Each crew at the time consisted of seven personnel. One was the leading fireman responsible for managing the resources under his watch. A fully equipped fire truck and one ambulance were at the disposal of a crew of seven persons, out of which three were volunteers and the remainder being fully fledged fire officers, on the first day of operation. On November 06, 2013 the station was equipped with an additional ambulance serving as a standby in the event of a mass casualty or the front line ambulance has to be put off the run.


Location: Micoud Highway, Micoud

Control Room: 455-8180

Office i/c: 455-6183

Crash Fire Hall


Location: Hewannorra Airport, Vieux Fort

Control Room: 455-6161

Office i/c: 455-6160

Vieux Fort Fire Station

Leaving its previous location at the terminal building at the Hewanorra Airport the new fire station is situated on the Vieux Fort / Laborie Highway. This station offers coverage from Micoud to Laborie. It’s the second Main station in Saint Lucia which also houses a maintenance section, administrative section and Fire Prevention South. This area covers Cannelle Bridge, Victoria choiseul

Launching our web site at this time I think is a fitting trib The St. Lucia Fire Service is responsible for providing the nation with a variety of services and responding to a vast array of incidents which include: firefighting and suppression, aerodrome coverage, vehicle accident responses, work place accidents, commercial property inspection and safety certification, sudden collapse, trauma cases and other forms of human catastrophe resulting from natural and man-made disasters.

As a public service entity, we aim to provide reliable, customer oriented and high quality service to all citizens and visitors to our shores. On this site you will find a portal into the every day life of the ST. LUCIA FIRE SERVICE: its officers, stations, structures, special events and a host of information about the services we offer, including tips on how you can stay safe.

If you are new to this site I trust you will find the information provided useful and navigation through the site is user friendly and interesting. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to drop us a few lines. We look forward to serving you.ute to this milestone.


Location: St.Jude’s Highway, Vieux Fort

Control Room: 455-6150

Office i/c: 455-6151

Soufriere Fire Station

The oldest Standing Fire Station is situated in the heart of the village of Soufriere. This station has undergone refurbishment to improve the safety conditions for personnel and allow modern firefighting operations. This area covers Victoria choiseul to Flora Villa Canaries


Location: Bridge Street, Soufriere

Control Room: 455-6164

Office i/c: 455-6165